"I'm done with Facebook invading our privacy."

Take back control of your online community.

Seamlessly migrate from Facebook Groups to your very own hosted site, powered by Discourse.

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I'm technical and want to do it myself!

Discourse login dialog

No more logging into Facebook. Your community gets its own user accounts, and you decide who gets to see what data (not Facebook).

Discourse flag a post UI element

Community-driven moderation. End the anxiety of wondering what Facebook is showing/hiding to your members, while educating your community on how to spot bad actors.

Discourse event scheduling calender UI element

Worried about loss of functionality when you #DeleteFacebook? Your community supports photo/video sharing, private messaging, and can expand to support: event invites, birthday reminders, and more.

Firehose Fountain proudly stands with Basecamp to go 100% Facebook Free. Let us help you do the same!